Tech Tip: Tracking National Content in your Local COVE Portal

by Max Duke, Station Products & Innovation Director 

One of the great features of COVE is the ability to track local content usage in your video portal, on your mobile portal and via player embeds (a.k.a the Partner Player). With Google Analytics (GA) integrated at the page view and video view level, it is easy to see how your local content is performing.

Click to see an example from WPT. 
This week, we have an expert tip for all the metrics aficionados out there that want to get even more from their COVE analytics. By filling out a single field in your COVE admin, you will be able to see how national video content (i.e. – Masterpiece, NOVA, etc.) is performing as well.

The benefit to making this update is getting a clearer, more complete view of the most popular video content for YOUR users. This will help you make better decisions when it comes to content promotion, strategy, and engagement.

Continue on for the how-to!

Follow these steps to extend your video metrics:

  1. Login into your COVE admin
  2. Go to Destinations>>COVE Video Portal and click through to your site
  3. On the “Home” row, go into “Page Metadata”
  4. Add your Google Analytics profile ID to the “GA event tracking” field
  5. Save

It takes about a day, but you will begin to see new metrics show up in your GA account for national content.

To find the metrics in GA, first go to Content>>Events>>Overview. Then, on the main screen select Event Action, and then click MediaStart. Finally, add Event Label as a Secondary Dimension on the next screen. You can add filters to further sort the results. Note: this is only one way to navigate to the results; there are surely others!

Hopefully this helps you round out your daily/monthly/quarterly reports!