iPad Integrates with KET Multimedia Developments

by Alicia Adams, Station Products and Innovation Coordinator 

Relying solely on chalk boards and paper in the classroom is a thing of the past. Public media is striving to keep up with the emergence of innovative technology within the education sector. Kentucky Educational Television's Jeff Gray, a key component of Media Resource Development in the KET Education Division with KET for over 23 years, shared an overview of KET’s multimedia platforms with us.  

Gray’s current focus lies in incorporating iPads and apps for student video production. “We've recently added a set of 30 iPads to our KET Media Lab for use in Adult Education and P-20 teacher/student workshops,” Gray reports. The use of iPads and apps has become increasingly popular for the following reasons:

Product Efficiency: The newest iPad models have better cameras. Music apps, special effects apps, a tripod adapter, and an external microphone create a complete video production system that is easier to operate than PC systems.

Cost Effectiveness: The video production system used for recording is inexpensive, as are the apps that provide editing and uploading to webhosting services.

Interactive Engagement: Learning on an iPad is more engaging and interactive than reading a text book. Aside from video production, teachers can incorporate videos, games, and eBooks into their lesson plans.

Over the years, KET has been dynamic in developing its multimedia resources for teachers, students, and community organizations. There are a variety of existing platforms to date.

MediaWorks, a local multimedia information blog, often features Kentucky school video projects and other relevant topics.

The KET School Video Project showcases student produced video projects. One student shares the human requirements for running for President of the United States to her pet dog, who wants to run for office.

Free In-School Workshops touch on topics such as KET EncycloMedia, maximizing use of KET instructional resources, and classroom video production.

These ideas are already being replicated by PBS affiliates across the country and are fair game for stations that wish to use more hands on, stimulating education techniques. Multimedia learning maintains a strong presence in public broadcasting and will only continue to reach new heights.

If you would like to share your station's work with integrating technology into educational resources or learn more about KET’s classroom ipad video production, feel free to post below.