Counting Down to Black History Month 2013

by Nicole Eley-Carr, PBS Black Culture Connection

This Friday we are excited to kick-off Black History Month with the official launch of PBS' new vertical content channel: PBS Black Culture Connection (aka the "BCC").

We have been overwhelmed by the excitement and support of the new site and, since our beta launch in November, have been working closely with our station & producer partners to experiment with content and expand the site for its official release. We are pleased to share the new site with you today and to pass along resources for Black History Month. Please visit PBS Connect (System Wide Announcements) for credentials to access all of the resources below.

  • BCC Video Spots – Now available
  • Thematic Collections – Now available
  • Press Release – Now available
  • Encore! Screenings – Now available
  • Quizzes – Available 1/29
  • Social Sharing Resources – Available 1/29
  • Connect360! Challenge – Available 1/29

                          Watch Celebrate Black History Month with PBS on PBS. See more from Black Culture Connection.

BCC Video Spots & Press Release: Two video promos and a press release have been created for Stations to use during Black History Month. All are CURRENTLY available with details on where to download in PBS Connect. Our thanks to WPT for serving as our co-branded example of how this spot can be adapted for different markets.

Encore! Screenings: The BCC has partnered with Independent Lens to bring back 4 films for special online screenings in February. All films will be available in COVE for 7-day windows throughout the month and we encourage you to make them available to your online users or send them to the BCC "Screening Room," where they can watch every week. Please see screening room for release schedule.

Quizzes: Who doesn't love a good quiz?  We are creating 3 history quizzes specifically for Black History Month. They include:  What Civil Rights Leader are you?, The Year 1963,  and Who said that?  We will be providing the embed codes for each of these quizzes so that any station who would like to host one on their own site can do so (and collect names). Those embed codes will be available this week.

Social Sharing Resources:  We are creating 29 graphic memes (one for every day of February) to push out through social media networks (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc). Stations can use these graphics to spark dialogue and buzz on their social media channels or bring users back to their sites for more details. We'll provide a PKG of these graphics along with a list of quotes and authors for any station that would like to use them. They will be available this week.

Thematic Collections: We have created 11 topic-driven collections filled with an assortment of videos, articles and interactives produced by PBS Producers and Member Stations. Topics range from Events in History to profiles of Iconic Leaders and Artists.

Connect360° Challenge!: We are very excited to challenge our users to stay connected after Black History Month through an online challenge to Connect360° and celebrate Black History year round. We've created social badges to spread the word and hope you will help us share them. We've also created co-brandable BCC Badges for our partners so that you can place them on your Black history collections and or sites. Social badges will be made available this week.

We're excited about the months ahead! The BCC is committed to connecting users to your work, and building a collective resource for Black History and Culture online. If you're interested in becoming a BCC partner and/or would like your program featured on the BCC, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to Nik Eley-Carr via

Thank you for all of your support and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.