Player now has Partner: NEW COVE Partner Player for Mobile Web

Earlier this fall, the COVE portal experience received a major upgrade in the form of a complete, mobile-friendly version accessible on any device. 

The Mobile COVE portal uses the content and settings of your COVE portal and displays a mobile-optimized version of your desktop version to make your content available to more users. The process to add this functionality to your station's portal is simple, contact for details.

Even with this improvement to the COVE experience, there was still something missing: an embeddable Mobile Partner Player for station websites. 

COVE Mobile Portal (left);
COVE Mobile Partner Player (right)
The COVE Partner Player  is the latest feature to receive a mobile treatment. Every episode of content you enter into the COVE Admin Tool can be exported and embedded on a web page. After publishing a video, you can grab the code (located in the admin) to insert a Partner Player instance on any page. Previously, these embedded video episodes would produce Flash install notifications on most mobile devices. Now they play seamlessly on mobile devices. 

No work is needed on your end to push the embeddable players to mobile. The user's device is automatically detected and the right version of the video is delivered. This also works retroactively with previously embedded Partner Players.    

For an example, visit WPT’s partner player instance of the 30 Minute Music Hour on any mobile device. 

Are you a station still seeking a mobile-optimized COVE portal? Contact