Bento Powered: BCC (Black Culture Connection) BETA Launched

Nik Eley-Carr,  PBS Black Culture Connection 
Updated November 21, 2012

This week, PBS launched a beta site for a new online center highlighting Black History & Culture. I am very excited to introduce you to the beginnings of PBS Black Culture Connection (aka the "BCC"):

The new vertical site uses existing technology (like COVE, Merlin, and Bento) to aggregate a collection of both PBS local and national films, stories and digital resources. Our goal is to experiment with different ways we can surface both long tail and new content being produced about Black History across public television.

And we have a lot of content! There are over 100 national film sites available on today and even more local series and films like UNC-TV's Black Issues Forum and WQED's Torchbearers. The BCC becomes a pathway to these local and national perspectives. It is also a dedicated center for learning about and engaging with Black History and Culture around the world through award-winning programs, special online events and more.

We will launch in several phases between now and Black History Month (BHM) 2013:
  • Phase 1: Nov. 2012.  This first phase of the BCC will focus on growing relationships with our Station & Producer partners, experimenting with content, and building buzz & excitement as we head into February for BHM. We're pleased to launch with content partnerships, 10 Stations and 5 National Producers.
  • Phase 2: Feb. 2013. Our official launch in February will include an expanded line-up of films and partners, as well as an integrated marketing campaign for BHM and new site features like special thematic collections to celebrate signature events in history (e.g., 50th Anniversary of MLK's "I have a Dream" speech).
Would you like your show and/or series listed on the BCC?  Please let us know. The BCC will regularly feature local shows and national programs across the site. And we hope to expand our current listing as we move into Phase 2 in 2013.  Please contact Nicole Eley-Carr (or Nik) with all inquires. 

For now, we hope you enjoy the Beta site. And if you're looking for a good place to start, take our quiz and we'll make a recommendation for you!