Part 3: Bento User Testing Takeaways

Teresa and her trusty companion, Ernie
By: Teresa Peltier, Digital Content Manager, WSKG and Jen Carter, PBS Interactive

In part 1 of the Bento user testing takeaway series, Dana Schmidt, Communications and Special Projects Coordinator for Rocky Mountain PBS, reflected on their user testing session. Last week, Bob Wilson, Executive Producer with Maryland Public Television (MPT) shared his takeaways from their Bento user testing session.

In this final installment, Teresa Peltier shares her thoughts on WSKG's Bento user testing experiences.

"When PBS Interactive requested to visit WSKG this past August, the answer was a quick "of course!" I, of course, hoped that my enthusiasm would mask my ulterior  motives: to get PBSi into the station to talk with my less-digital, but equally-enthusiastic colleagues. 

As a member of the Bento Alpha Test Group, WSKG received a direct line into the content management tool's development. Our staff, of all skill levels and from all disciplines, greatly enjoyed providing realistic and real-time feedback on a tool they will very likely be using on a daily basis in the future. I worry about backing into a digital silo; realistically, I am not even the only staff member to use a digital tool. Far more staff log far more cumulative time on WSKG's interactive interfaces than I do alone, and it is a disservice to the process and the product to not include these staff in many of the steps.

Moreover, there is really no better buy-in than direct participation in an outcome. The simple act of asking for feedback provides validation to an individual and to the process. That works in both directions; as the lead on the project, I made sure to involve station staff and take advantage of PBSI's attempts to solicit feedback from me.

Overall, I hoped that by involving a myriad of station staff in our day of user testing, WSKG could ensure that Bento works for all skill-levels and workflows."

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