Any Device, Any Time: COVE for Stations gets the Mobile Web Treatment

By Marla Krueger, Station Products & Innovation  

Think of it as COVE on the GO.

If you are a COVE portal manager, you have probably received viewer requests for local video availability on mobile devices (most likely via email with the default signature “Sent from my iPhone”). 

Now you can simply reply, “Done.”

The most recent major COVE feature release gives your station a complete, user-friendly mobile video experience on any mobile device. The responsive design-based Mobile COVE portal displays a mobile-optimized version of your desktop portal to make your content available to more users. The best part: it pulls all of your desktop portal settings in, so no additional maintenance is required on your part.

Back in August, launched the mobile version of the National Cove portal. It is still in Beta, but users are now able to go to on any mobile device and automatically be redirected to
Since launching, all local programs that are currently available in the COVE Portal are available under the Programs list ( No additional work is required on your end. 

While the Beta was softly launching, we were working with three Beta stations – KPBS, Wisconsin Public Television and WHYY – to create the station version of the mobile COVE portal.

A few of the features of the new Mobile COVE Portals:

  • Automatic device detection and redirection to mobile sites (just promote your desktop portal URL)
  • Featured local content from your carousel (no need to program a second destination)
  • Enhanced Local Interest section
  • Full responsive design
  • Integrated metrics with current Google Analytics accounts

Is your station ready to add this new mobile functionality to your COVE experience 
The setup process is very simple. You will only need to setup a new URL similar to your portal URL. We have already reached out to the COVE primary contact at each station with instructions. If you haven’t received these instructions, please let us know at and we will get you set up. 

Not yet a COVE station? Want to reach a mobile audience with your content? Just send us an email and we can get you started.

We would also love to hear your feedback for or for the localized station portals in comments below.