Wordless Wednesday: Inside PBS

Natalie Benson, Colorado Public Television's Marketing & Social Media Manager, stopped by the PBS headquarters while visiting DC. Here are some of her favorite memories from that visit!

This is quite an impressive lobby at PBS HQ!!! I kid, I kid. It's a picture of the beach in Ocean City. 

These are pictures of the real lobby. So many TVs... You can watch PBS at PBS. It's like the movie Inception! 

I startled the lobby's security guard and he dropped his tray.
PBS corporate has a mysterious marker-weilding artist decorating the glass walls at night. 

This man and his helium keep the remote-controlled flying sharks happily swimming around the PBS Kids floor! Does anyone else have an office this cool? 
 Sweet little Kai received a lot of my goodies from the annual meeting in Denver. She's only 2, but already a PBS kid for life!

Cupcake judging is serious business, and it takes a serious judge, like yours truly, to do it right! 

And the winner of this round is…. Georgetown Cupcake! Baked & Wired will be challenging Georgetown Cupcake on my next visit. Stay tuned...

Any #localPBS stations have exciting pictures to share? We'd love to see what's happening around your station!