PBS Facebook "Like" Drive App-- Now Customizable for Stations

By Chris Walz, Director of Brand Strategy

A new PBS Facebook Like Drive app is now available to stations.  The new app is based on the national PBS Facebook Like Drive campaign that encouraged and empowered fans to share statements of support, express their own sentiments for PBS and helped drive new fans to the brand page. By tapping into core brand values, and offering a rewards system for new Likes, users drove over 18,000 Likes to the PBS Facebook page during the seven-day campaign held last fall.

Developed in collaboration with PBS stations, the Like Drive application is designed to help stations implement their own Facebook Like drive with the goal of reinforcing local brand value, helping audiences articulate why they value their station, and building their Facebook audience.

If you are the Facebook administrator for your station and are interested in using the app you can get tips, ask questions and access the app instruction manual and recommended best practices via the PBS Like Drive Admins Facebook group.  To join the group click this URL into your browse. Then click “Join Group” and you’ll be approved by a PBS Like Drive administrator. You can find the instruction manual under the “Files” tab on the group page.

You can also watch a brief tutorial video on how to install:

Feel free to share any of the above information with your colleagues and email Chris Walz with any questions.


  1. This is amazing! It must have taken a lot of hard work to develop this. Thank you so much for sharing this to help local stations! :)

  2. great APP really poor presentation. Good Lord - was the guy bored while speaking? Is a little energy too much to ask for? You want this to be compelling.... almost didn't make it through... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz