FYI Friday: Blogging With Purpose

Last week, we took a look at how nonprofits implement digital strategies through social media, SEO, and Pinterest. This week, we’re exploring the close relationship between blogging and social media, the science behind blog timing, and ways to improve your blog content.

5 Reasons Blogging Grows Social Media by Matt Hamilton
Compiled by Brionne Griffin

Blogs are a great way to promote programs, recap great events, and share insight. But when used effectively, a blog can be the vehicle that drives great social media campaigns and amplifies social reach as well. In a pithy infographic, social media expert Matt Hamilton offers up five reasons why it’s a good idea for you to have a blog in your social media tool belt. Teaser: My favorite tip is “Use blog comments to find relevant people to follow on social networks.”

An In-Depth Look at The Science of Blog Timing by Kristi Hines
Compiled by Ida Rosenthal

If “timing is everything,” when is the best time to post your blog post in the hopes that more people will see and share it? According to Kristi Hines, 70% of web users read blogs in the morning, and more specifically, the largest traffic to blogs happens at 11AM. The average blog receives the most traffic and inbound links on Monday, but the most comments on Saturday. For more stats, plus advice about when to share your post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, checks out the full article.
Source: Earls37a 

8 Steps to Getting the Most Out of a Blog Post by Kylie Jane Wakefield
Compiled by Barry Blitch

You’re taking the time to maintain a blog, but how do you make content that gets your readers’ attention? According to Kylie Wakefield, blogging shouldn’t be a one-way soapbox for your station; remember to make the post generate some kind of conversation by asking questions or responding to comments. A post doesn’t have to be all things to all readers. It’s better to focus on one message and make it stick through clear titles, writing, and organization. Also, pageviews are 94% higher on sites with images, so don’t be afraid to post pictures that reinforce your point. As we know from Wordless Wednesdays on the SPI blog, images can be quite effective and entertaining.

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