Part Two: Connecting Through Social Media

By: Jen Carter, PBS Interactive

In case you missed it, in part one of this series we looked at social media engagement advice and stories that came out of the recent State of Now/#140 conf

Day two of the conference opened the stage to more of a mixed bag of presenters. Panels and speakers ranged from celebrities to entrepreneurs to philanthropists. The common thread among all these sessions was that that they use(d) social media to engage and grow their audience.

Social Media and Connection
Some of the most popular sessions included the Chopra family and Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoeliner, Producers, Today Show at NBC News and co-authors Today's Moms

(L-R): Jeff Pulver, Deepak Chopra,
Mallika Chopra and Gotham Chopra
The Chopra family discussed a number of topics ranging from views on technology and societal engagement to their new YouTube channel, Chopra Well. Their big takeaway regarding social media was that they hoped to use all the different platforms for promotion and engagement to inspire people and manifest change.

The Today Show producers, Ybarbo and Zoeliner were discussing how Sh*tty Mom, a humor book which aggregates all those less then perfect parenting moments and how to make them work for you. They use social media outlets, mainly Twitter, to connect to those parents who may want to share the reality of being a parent, juggling a family and work and life in general. Some of the technics and parenting tools they mentioned are similar to those found on PBS Parents.

Philanthropy and Social Media
As mentioned there were a number of philanthropists who spoke at the conference. All use(d) social media to spread the purpose of their mission. One of the most intriguing stories from that day came from 13-year-old Wesley Prankard who said, “I'm a kid that wants to help kids. I think that whenever you see wrong - you should help make it right.” His story began when he heard about a girl in a school system in Attawapiskat, Ontario, Canada, near to his home. The conditions of the school where she attended were not what he thought they could be. His campaign for change was a success and it helped launch him and other interested parties in to his current work. Social media played a major role in his success, as he became connected with people from across North America.

Go Brand Yourself
Arnt Eriksen, Creative Director, and Social Media Evangelist, spoke on branding in a social media market and how he has seen it evolve. He spoke about the process of branding and engagement, which follows this path: Attention (to your brand), Interest (in content), Desire (to learn) and Action (the act of participating). When you introduce social media, you have to also consider this process: Find (how users locate your product or service), Like (strategize on how to you get people to trust your brand), and Love (expand and share interest in your brand to others in the system). He stressed that ultimately you shouldn’t do everything in social media, but at least do something well. Complete perfection is the enemy of good marketing and promotion in the age of social media.

More Storytelling Information
All of these stories were centered on how each person used or views social media as a cultural tool used to stimulate and cultivate communities around an idea, interest or goal. Even after separating this topic into two posts there was still a ton more to share, so if you are interested in learning more, view live stream of conference here.

Next Steps? 
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