Introducing DISQUS 2012

Have you heard? DISQUS, a turnkey commenting product that is available to your station at no additional cost beyond your member dues, has released an upgrade to their website commenting tool which looks to introduce a host of new and updated features. The upgrade, DISQUS 2012, introduces brand new functionality and improves upon prior versions in the hopes of creating the best commenting experience for your users.

This new or updated list of features includes:
  • a clutter-free interface that helps the eyes focus on the discussion;
  • real-time formatting from top to bottom, based on new architecture;
  • new voting features which looks to encourage richer discussions by letting the community surface the best comment;
  • a Discovery theme which aims to help users explore new discussions and stories;
  • customizable views which allow users to create the commenting experience they would like.
For a full list of new features click here.

We recommend you check out this 2-minute video to see other new features. You can also visit PBS Food to see DISQUS 2012 in action.

Beginning Wednesday, July 18, 2012, stations actively using DISQUS commenting on their websites will be able to opt-in to DISQUS 2012.  The upgrade option will be available on your DISQUS Admin Dashboard upon logging into your account. While we have successfully tested the upgrade on PBS Food, we have not been able to test all scenarios. So if you decide to upgrade, please click around and make sure it works for you.

If your station isn’t totally sold yet on these features or prefer the older version of DISQUS, you simply do not opt-in to this newer version when you log in to your DISQUS dashboard.

For more information on the available features visit their website.

PBS Interactive has also purchased customer support with DISQUS that’s available to your station at no cost. To contact DISQUS customer support you can call 415-238-4409.

If you have any general questions, please feel free to reach out to us via

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