FYI Friday: The Power of Images

In last week's FYI Friday post we shared some tips and tricks for engaging your digital ecosystem. This week we explored how images can be used as a powerful tool to engage with your audience. Images can convey a message quicker than a long article. This week, we’re taking a look at ways to improve mobile photography, create more engaging photos for social media use, and utilize new image-tracking features on HootSuite.

Four Tips for Better Phone Camera Shots by Roy Furchgott
Compiled by Barry Blitch

The digital camera gave us the ability to snap photos without the burdens of film as well as edit and share them easier and faster. Now, that power exists in the mobile phone we carry around all the time. Mobile phones capture photos almost as well as digital cameras, but there are still some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

For example, avoid distracting backgrounds. Just as content is king on your website, “composition is king” in your photos. Shoot subjects in shade rather than direct sunlight or use a blinding flash, is another tip.

Sharing photos (via blog, Facebook, Pinterest, etc...) is a cost-effective way that PBS stations can connect with their local audiences. Images have long lives on the Internet, so always take your best shot.

11 Types of Photos Nonprofits Should Post on Social Media by Heather Mansfield 
Compiled by Brionne Griffin

The wild success of sites like Pinterest and applications like Instagram might cause speculation that social media is turning from text in favor of photos. Photo posts are quickly emerging as the most popular type of social media post because it is easier to grab someone’s attention with a vibrant, compelling photo than with a text post written in, say, ALL CAPS!

The folks at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 recognize this trend and will give you the scoop on the best types of photos for nonprofits to post today. The article offers a lofty list of 11 types of photos you can consult for new photo ideas. The list ranges from things like adding your logo to a photo to messages like “Call to Action” illustrations and “Thought-Provoking Images.” Whatever type of photo you decide to post, the important thing is to get snapping!

Hootsuite Adds Instagram, SlideShare Integration
by Marisa Peacock

Compiled by Ida Rosenthal

As of June 28th, Instagram and SlideShare are fully integrated into HootSuite, a social media management tool that helps streamline and organize online communications. Now HootSuite users can view and search Instagram photos in a separate HootSuite stream, filter the stream, add comments, like photos, and share photos on other social networks. Users can also view and search for SlideShare content, upload new content, share the images to social networks, and view basic descriptive information right within the stream.

For screenshots of the new features, and additional details about HootSuite’s newest updates, check out the full article.

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