SAC Member Profiles: David Dickinson

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Interactive Intern

The PBS Interactive Station Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of a group of leaders within the public television system. As PBS Interactive unveils and distributes new products and services to the system, these members collaborate with PBS Interactive and advocate for stations every step of the way.

In an effort to give stations a better idea of the talented and varied leaders who comprise the SAC, we are doing a series of member profiles, asking them to share their expertise, experiences and ideas for the future.

David Dickinson is the Online Manager at Wisconsin Public Television and had been a member of the SAC since December 2011.

1. In your own words, what is the SAC?
 I look at it as an opportunity for stations to provide feedback to PBS on the interactive products PBS  develops.

2. What role does the SAC play in the world of public media?I don’t know how many interactive folks at stations know about the council. I would love to hear from other stations about things they think are or are not working, and bring that back to SAC. I do honestly believe PBS is looking for feedback, and this is a great opportunity for folks to chime in.

3. What, specifically, do you do to help stations—both as an individual and collectively with the SAC?
I believe it’s important for us to act as strong advocates for stations to PBS. While Kristin, Max, and the gang may not always agree with us, they are always willing to listen. SAC has been a great experience because there are some incredibly talented people on the council. We’ve shared code we’ve developed with several other stations, and are always looking to give (or take) with other station partners. There’s no reason for us all to re-create the wheel. 
4. What unique perspective and skill set do you bring to the SAC?
Working at ad agencies for over a decade has helped me develop the ability to look at things from a customer POV. I believe that’s critical in successful projects. Public media isn’t inevitable, we need to provide a great product to our audience.

5. Describe your experience in public media.
Fantastic. Most of us are here because there’s a sense of fulfillment you just don’t have when your time goes to helping the company owner buy a new BMW. 

6. In what ways do you think the SAC could improve?
Not sure? I’m still just learning about the role SAC plays with PBS. 

7. If you could cure one ailment of digital public media, what would it be and why?
It seems like change is a very, very gradual process. We need to become more comfortable with rapid change, from how organizations are structured to how our audience is consuming content. 

8. What PBS show do you never miss?
The new Sherlock is incredible television.

9. Fill in the blank: Public media is important

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  1. Nice post David, love the pic! And btw, I'm saving up for a BMW.. should be able to by one by 2050. :-)