Digital Future Scholars Annual Meeting Takeaways: Kathy Smith (WGTE)

By Josie Keller, PBS Interactive
Kathy Smith, Director of Early Learning and Outreach for WGTE, attended this year's PBS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO as one of four PBS Interactive Digital Future Scholarship winners. See her takeaways from the conference in this video blog. 
...While this was not my first Annual Meeting, it certainly was a memorable one, and I’d like to extend my gratitude to PBS Interactive and to Amazon for making my trip to Denver possible. My station has experienced some recent cutbacks, and without my sponsors, I wouldn’t have been able to make the trip... - Kathy Smith

What were Kathy's Takeaways...?

PBS Kids: It's a New Day in the Neighborhood (1:22)
…Seeing a show like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood that really looks at those stressors that young children have, maybe related to separation anxiety, or disappointment, or whatever that is, and being able to handle that in a socially acceptable way, and being able to teach children the kinds of ways that help them grow socially and emotionally. When you give that gift, it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime…
Create, Prevail and Thrive: PBS in Tomorrow’s Media Landscape with Jim Collins (4:05)
...My two year old granddaughter, Merin, has 3 favorite things: they are her binky, her doggie, and her iPad, and much of her learning and the learning of her generation is going to take place digitally. So to those new educators in Public Media, my wish for you is that you bring this same passion for making a difference in a child’s life as you have for the technology. It’s our solid, educational content that sets us apart from everyone else. The device, the platforms may change, but our ability to connect with our audience, however, should never change...
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