Meet the 2012 PBS Interactive Digital Future Scholars

by Joy Loving, PBS Interactive

Congratulations to this year’s PBS Digital Future Scholarship winners: Julianne Lamsek, Teresa Peltier, Kathy Smith, and Nathan Gibbs. Each recipient was nominated by their local PBS Member Station.

The scholarship winners are attending the PBS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO this week. Continue reading to learn more about the Digital Future Scholars and their expectations for the meeting.

Julianne Lamsek, Technology Director for KCTS 9:
“I am grateful to PBS and its sponsors for the opportunity to attend PBS Annual Meeting this year.  I am most looking forward to participating in the session:  Big Think on What’s Next in #PubMedia.  This session will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to discuss and learn how stations can evolve their digital strategies to grow their audiences and remain relevant to the communities they serve.”

Teresa Peltier, New Media & PR Specialist, WSKG:
"I am very excited about the Big Think on What’s Next in #PubMedia session from PBS Interactive! We had a very robust conversation around the same topic at this past December's PBS [Station and Producers] Summit 2.0, and I am very eager to get perspectives from throughout the system. I also have a secret, undying crush on Alfie Boe, so I expect that will be epic."

Kathy Smith, Director of Early Learning and Outreach, WGTE:
“I look forward to meeting and reuniting with Ready to Learn and outreach professionals who share my passion and energy for school readiness and lifelong learning.  One of my favorite parts of the meeting is getting a peek at what's in the pipeline.  That session always starts the wheels turning about projects and potential partners!”

Nathan Gibbs, Interactive Product Specialist, KPBS:
"I'm looking forward to brainstorming how public television can expand its reach through new forms of digital video delivery and presentation."

If you have questions or comments for the Digital Future scholars, please leave them in the comments box below. You can follow all of the @PBSAnnualMTG action using #PBSam.

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