Making the Most of Your COVE 2.0 and Mobile Video Content

By Josie Keller, Station Products & IInnovation

You’ve attended the COVE 2.0 Admin Release webinar and 
completed (or scheduled) your COVE 2.0 and Mobile Publishing training. You’ve uploaded your content and published to your local website and through Merlin.

Now what?

This post provides an overview of the benefits of using social media to promote your local station and video content.

Americans now spend nearly 25% of their time online browsing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn each day. The number one thing that any social media guru will tell you about breaking into this market is that followers don’t want sales pitches; they want relevant, engaging content.
HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: You already have the content!  
When it comes to video on social media platforms, most social media “tips and tricks” stress the issue of developing useful and interesting content. Luckily for PBS stations, video is your specialty: content problem solved.
According to Forrester, video content is 50% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results than text-only content. Additionally, since most videos are not SEO-friendly, optimization can further increase these chances.
MORE GOOD NEWS: PBS Interactive’s Merlin helps optimize COVE content for search engines. 
You can further improve SEO of your video content by establishing good editorial tagging practices. Tagging is an essential step if you want your content to be easily discovered and search engine optimized. 
For tips and best practices on Tagging and Topic Taxonomy, visit the PBS Station Products & Innovation Guide
Awesome content + search optimization = your station ahead of the social marketing game. This means you can focus on engaging your online community and amplifying brand awareness to inform, inspire, and educate through your social networks. 

Questions or comments, please post below. For more information on social media strategy and best practices for #localPBS stations, follow us on Twitter @SPI_PBS


  1. HAs anyone built and published a video sitemap based on COVE PRO?

  2. Has anyone built and publishe a video sitemap based on COVE PRo? If yes, what is like?