Introducing: PBS Interactive Station Guide

By Jen Carter, PBS Interactive

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For the past several months the SPI team has been working on improving our station services documentation solution, infamously known as Station Remote Control (SRC). We spent time talking with stations and listening to their experiences using the site. Some of the major issues included confusing navigation, outdated technology that caused usability problems, and most importantly a digital wasteland of documentation (a common pitfall of most documentation-based sites).

With all of these complaints in mind, we took time to really dig into the documentation archives and collaborate with other departments. During this uprooting exercise we began shopping around for a platform that would best serve Member Stations. While making a decision, we took into account user experience, editorial and Web best practices. The solution had to be one that was crisp, clean, easy-to-navigate and sustainable.

Once the solution was chosen and the bulk of the work was completed over the last several months. This work has resulted in a new and improved documentation site for station products and services. Thanks to the suggestions from #localPBS, as a result of call outs in our newsletter, use of our blog and other various social media outreach; and from within the halls of PBS, we made a final move towards completion of this first phase, we picked a name. Now, without further ado...we are proud to present the:

Keeping in mind that this is still a work in progress. What do you think of the guide? Comment below or reach out to us directly and share your feedback.

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