Digital Future Scholars Annual Meeting Takeaways: Julianne Lamsek (KCTS 9)

By Josie Keller, PBS Interactive

Julianne Lamsek, Technology Director for KCTS 9, attended this year's PBS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO as one of four PBS Interactive Digital Future Scholarship winners. See her takeaways from the conference in this video blog.
…I’d like to express my thanks and sincere gratitude towards PBS Interactive and the sponsor Three Pillars Global for enabling me to take advantage of this amazing opportunity…  - @jlamsek

What were Julianne's takeaways?
…In addition to the great networking, I found the conference to be thought provoking, inspiring, and informative…
 Primetime Programming Preview (0:55)
...In my community in Seattle when I tell people that I work for KCTS9, I often hear them say ‘oh you work for KCTS; I love KCTS 9. I watch Masterpiece, or Nova, or Frontline, or Nature, or whatever programs they happen to watch -- they share that with me. And it means a lot to me to work in public media… It is incredibly meaningful to me to work in a place where the programming matters and it’s valued, and it’s making a difference in people’s lives...
The Digital Future with Jason Seiken and Create, Prevail and Thrive: PBS in Tomorrow’s Media Landscape with Jim Collins (2:56)
…[Jim Collins] asked a question that I thought was pretty interesting. The question was, “If PBS were to disappear, who would miss it, and why? And what his answer was? Well, the answer probably has something to do with local…
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