Digital Future Scholars Annual Meeting Takeaways: Teresa Peltier (WSKG)

By Josie Keller, PBS Interactive

Teresa Peltier, New Media & PR Specialist at WSKG, attended this year's PBS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO as one of four PBS Interactive Digital Future Scholarship winners. See her takeaways from the various sessions in this video blog.
…Since I’ve returned, I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming, and sometimes it’s just about sunshine and bison burgers, but more so it’s about all of the wonderful things I saw and learned at Annual Meeting…there’s nothing more powerful than seeing the really incredible, incredible content that’s coming from PBS this year...

What Stuck Out to Teresa?

Half the Sky, Presented by ITVS and CPB (1:03)
…I am exceptionally proud to be at a station that’s going to air this this year, and it’s going to be consequential. It’s going to be influential on anyone who watches it…the number of people crying in that room as we watched video clips was kind of staggering, and I just can’t wait for it to come out -- to see the full film. I think everybody’s going to be blown away -- in the public media system and beyond…
The Digital Future with Jason Seiken and Create, Prevail and Thrive: PBS in Tomorrow’s Media Landscape with Jim Collins (1:51)
…I loved their pedal to the medal attitude. They really set the stage for what the media landscape is now, and especially how PBS fits into that. But more than that, it wasn’t any sort of attempt at scaring us, it was an attempt at calling us to action. To letting us know that this is our chance, we are positioned very well to make a really big impact, and to really move forward in an exciting and different way than we have before.  Again, as somebody who’s in digital, I know that this is somewhere that my team and I are going to absolutely thrive, and I can’t wait to bring some of those skills to my group…
Future Proof: Get Ready for What’s Next (3:14)
...what Jim Collins says is that you should take lessons from your station -- what's worked and hasn't worked, and obviously from the whole great PBS, greater system, whether it's national or local stations, to see what they've been doing, what precedents have been set, and how you can incorporate that into success at your station. So I'm hoping that as we move forward in this fiscal year, really defining our digital strategy, that we keep collaboration in mind, and it's not just something that's randomly thrown into our work flow or unintentionally incorporated. We don't want to just imply collaboration, we have to intentionally incorporate collaboration into our digital strategy...
Big Think on What’s Next in #PubMedia (4:13)
…My biggest takeaway and I think the biggest elephant in the room, often, no matter which department you’re in, is the big bad word, consolidation. I find that it doesn’t come up very often when I meet with other people from the system or other stations…but I think it’s something that we need to talk about more as a system and I was really encouraged by the fact that it was brought up at Big Think…
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