Digital Future Scholars Annual Meeting Takeaways: Nathan Gibbs (KPBS)

By Josie Keller, PBS Interactive

Nathan Gibbs, Interactive Product Specialist at KPBS, attended this year's PBS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO as one of four PBS Interactive Digital Future Scholarship winners. Check out this video blog of his takeaways from the various sessions.

"I really want to thank PBS Interactive and Amazon for the opportunity. It was really a fun and fantastic week. This happened at the end of the fiscal year for us, so my department didn’t quite have the travel budget to send me, so ultimately this was the only way that I was going to be able to go. For what I got out of it, and how great it was, this was a really big deal."

What stuck out to Nathan?

Big Think on What’s Next in #PubMedia (2:16)
 ...I was able to lead one of the tables that we had during the session, and you know it was just really nice to be able to get that raw perspective from these different stations, and also to be able to throw in my own ideas and be able to get that rich discussion going…I think for me that was probably the best session because I was able to interact as a part of it. It seemed to be pretty productive...
Create, Prevail and Thrive: PBS in Tomorrow’s Media Landscape with Jim Collins (2:42)
...there were a lot of practical things that I took home. One of them comes from a presentation that Jim Collins made. He gave us a new way of thinking about our work in terms of agile development or moving quickly. But also in terms of how we frame failure and success, in the sense of failing forward...I think that actually helped in...the Big Think session because we were able to use that metaphor in terms of how to approach failure...
News You Can Use: Election Tools for On-Air and Online with Hari Sreenivasan (4:35)
...He showed us some really impressive maps that they’ve produced, and they’re all embeddable. They’re things that we can use at the station level. Here at KPBS we really have a huge news presence in the community, and these maps will be a big bonus to us in terms of how we can serve our community...
Primetime Programming Preview (5:51)
...Just seeing what kind of powerful storytelling was being done, and the really important stories that only PBS can show. Really kind of just brought me back to the core, brought me back to the basics of why I work in public media...
“It was fantastic meeting the PBS team, PBS Interactive group… to share ideas with station leaders about the types of solutions that they’re coming up with for the same sort of problems and challenges that we face as a station as well.” -- @nathangibbs

What were your Annual Meeting takeaways? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Great to see this video from Nathan whom I follow on Twitter and hear his "take aways" from the conference which I was unable to attend. I will definitely make time to see the Jim Collins session. I agree that the best part of the PBS conference is being able to reconnect with the reason we work in public media. I missed that, but Nathan reminded me by his experience.

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your comment! The Jim Collins session is definitely one to watch, especially for his stuntman skills (you'll have to watch to see what I mean, wow!).

    Teresa also noted how powerful some of the upcoming documentaries are, such as "Half the Sky" and others. These are exciting times for public media!