Amplifying Your Local Station's Social Media Reach

By Josie Keller, PBS Interactive

In a world of limitless entertainment options, how do you choose which are deserving of your time? Are you more likely to watch a show, see a movie, eat at a restaurant, or buy a product that a friend has tried and loved? Of course you are! This post will describe how member stations can best use this knowledge to their advantage.

Amplification is the concept of taking a positive action – a purchase, a light-touch interaction or full-on review – saving it and then sharing it far and wide.” It’s the buzz word behind the success of popular social purchasing sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon. The theory is that consumers are more likely to purchase a product recommended by friends than one which they hear about through other outlets.

The same is true for #pubmedia. While increased viewership may be the end goal for your local station, the purpose of any station’s social media presence should be to encourage amplification on the web – to get people talking about your shows.

When your content spreads into networks beyond your own, your measure of influence grows exponentially. The beauty of social sharing is the ability for your station to reach new and varied audiences through the shares, likes, replies, and retweets of your followers.

How can your station achieve this?
McKinsey Quarterly explains, “’Amplification’ involves designing your marketing activities to have an inherently social motivator that spurs broader engagement and sharing.’
Yes, absolutely promote your showtimes and video links, but do so in a manner that excites your audience and encourages them to share with friends. Rather than simply making video available to viewers, focus your social media efforts on generating conversations and building up excitement about your local station, your shows, and your community events.

Social media is a great platform to address viewers on both personal and social levels, connecting them to the station and to each other. People love talking about their favorite shows and events – all you have to do is put your station brand at the forefront, get the conversation started, and continue to engage and respond to your growing audience.

What is your station doing to increase amplification probability? Please post comments and questions below.

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