Introducing PBS Food's Extracts

By Ashley Carufel, PBS Food

The PBS Food team has exciting launch news that will benefit PBS stations. Recently, the PBS Food team launched the new "Extracts" newsletter. The newsletter will be delivered each Friday, and highlights the best content from the PBS Food page:
  • Three main features that promote blog posts, articles and broadcast programs,
  • Five recipes from our recipe database, which include many recipes from participating local PBS stations,
  • "Eat Local" spotlight which highlights content from one of our local stations (detailed below),
  • Kitchen wisdom quote from Julia Child.

Eat Local:

We recognize that the PBS Food page has not driven as much traffic so far to the station websites as we hoped, so the PBS Food team wanted to let you know about an opportunity in our newsletter to drive traffic directly to your content.

The Eat Local module in the newsletter highlights what the stations are doing in terms of food and cooking content. Due to technical limitations, we cannot dynamically fill the module with a localized experience. Instead, the newsletter will highlight one station each week, which submit content for the slot. Since the newsletter is sent to a national audience, local tune-in information and community events will not be promoted.

Here are some examples of language that fits the angle of our local module:

  • April means crab season is back! No one knows crabs better than Maryland Public Television. Watch “Eatin’ Crabcakes: The Best I Ever Had” online to find out what makes a perfect crab cake.
  • Let KCTS 9 show you the best restaurants and chefs in the Seattle area in Check, Please! Northwest – their new restaurant review show featuring critiques from real local diners, not professional critics.
  • Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Join Rocky Mountain PBS for a holiday live chat with cooking show hosts Sara Moulton, Katie Brown, Christy Rost and more for cooking tips and discussion. (NOTE: Time-sensitive posts will receive priority.)
  • Want to learn how to eat healthy? Check out some Delaware Valley chefs who are teaming up with WHYY and people suffering from obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes, to cook delicious meals with a healthy twist.
Additionally, the newsletter will have a permanent link at the bottom of the module that reads “More: Find food shows in your area” that links to this list of food programs.

So far, we have 20 local stations partnering with PBS Food. If your station would like to partake in this opportunity, please send Ashley Carufel language, a link and whether the content is time-sensitive. Extracts will go out every Friday, but the module will be scheduled in advance, so submitting content early is the best way to get your content included.

Not signed up for the PBS Food Extracts Newsletter? You can subscribe via the form here.

Contact Ashley or the the SPI team with any additional questions.

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