The DEI toolkit just got even better

Kelsey Savage, PBS interactive

DEI (The Development Exchange, Inc.) was originally conceived in 1974 as part of a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) project to help public radio stations develop sustainable and innovative fundraising techniques. Now, almost forty years later, DEI is still assisting public media players in cultivating successful development strategies.

Just recently, they released an updated version of their online marketing toolkit which, as Anna McDonald from DEI explains, “is a sponsorship resource, designed to help stations position and monetize their websites as part of their overall corporate sponsorship revenue-generating activities.”

This toolkit, which is available free of charge for non-DEI members on their website, provides scalable advice to public media stations looking to monetize their online presence and represents one of the many ways DEI is helping public media adjust to “rapid changes in the digital landscape”. McDonald notes that a lot of public media stations, in both television and radio, seem to be hesitant to develop online marketing strategy. The new toolkit “aims to respond to this reality by addressing some of the specific barriers to online sponsorship prevalent in public media”. In particular, McDonald states that the toolkit offers “more focused and prescriptive advice” with examples that are applicable to common problems that all stations face. DEI, along with PBS, NPR Digital Services and National Public Media, drafted real world inventory and packaging guidelines that can be tailored to each station’s size and needs.

Interested in checking out the toolkit? Login here with the username: PBS and password: sponsorship1.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this tool. How will your station use this resource?

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