The Weekly Debrief, 16 March 2012

By Joy Loving, Station Products & Innovation 

Welcome to the Weekly PBS Interactive Station Products & Innovation Debrief, which is designed to give PBS stations a rundown of product updates and opportunities announced this week on our blog. 

Last week, we introduced you to Anne Gleason, one of our new SAC members. Anne has 9 years of experience working in marketing and membership for WTTW and is part of the their Station Bento alpha team.

To conclude our SPI Files series on the new SAC members, this week we introduced you to Nicki Granata Bosch of WNET/THIRTEEN. Nicki has worked with WNET for three years and was eager to share her experiences working as the Director of KIDS Interactive and KIDS Club THIRTEEN. 

This week, we continued our series on PBS KIDS GO! grant winners, featuring WFSU's GeoJourney. Trisha Moynihan, Director of Internet Services at WFSU, discusses the strategy behind GeoJourney and the importance of creating content for a younger audience. 

Online-fundraising has gained momentum recently, and Kickstarter is at the head of the game. Kickstarter is a platform for people with creative projects to campaign for funding, but with set deadlines and well-defined goals. Read this week’s article about this crowd-funding innovation and learn how you can start your own Kickstarter campaign.

Recently, we updated you on the localization report, which provides metrics for traffic associated with your individual station. Localization is the surfacing on the website of local branding and TV schedules, as well as links back to local schedule and support pages.

Earth Day is approaching! Do you know of any videos with tips about environmental preservation or related to Earth Day? If so, Anais Cayo, New Media Content Editor, would like to hear from you! Email her your suggestions at

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As always, the SPI team appreciates all of your valuable comments and participation on our site this week and every week.

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