Pitch Me!

By Kristin Calhoun, Director of Station Products & Innovation

We’re all so needy.  We all want more resources, more time, more money, more buy-in.  And we’ve all had that moment, when you actually have the attention of someone who can give us something we need.  These moments don’t come very often, but when they do, are you ready with your pitch?

At this year’s iMA conference, Mike Reszler of Minnesota Public Radio, David Dickinson of Wisconsin Public Television and I facilitated a session titled, “What's Your Digital Strategy Elevator Pitch?”

Our goal was to give the participants real world examples and tangible experience into what it takes to develop and deliver a good pitch.

We kicked off with a look at some award winning pitches like this one –

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Note the time; she did that pitch in under a minute.

We then deconstructed her pitch, what were the core elements that made it successful?

1:  She identified a problem.  A problem that people on the street would have.  An audience facing problem, not an internal one.

2:  She explained her product and how her product solves the problem.

3:  She described the target audience for her product.

4.  And she closed with – This is what you’ll get for your investment (and a catchy tag line).

Now, the fun part.  The participants broke into groups and in 20 minutes came up with their own pitches.  My FAV part of this was when one group said, ‘we’re not sharing our idea until everyone in this room signs a NDA!’  It was so cool to see the ideas and energy in the room as everyone came up with their pitches.  You can here the audio of the pitches here (sorry, no video).

Do you have examples of great elevator pitches?  Have you been a part of a successful pitch? Did you ever see a really bad pitch?  Do you like the show Shark Tank?  (I do!)  

We’d love to hear your stories..

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