FYI Corner: Commemorating Black History Month

The PBS SPI team would like to commemorate Black History Month by showcasing features being presented by #localpbs stations and on

WXXI’s Homework Hotline normally devotes its time to helping kids live on-air with their homework. This month, however, the program will “showcase segments that profile community leaders, business professionals and artists that are shattering boundaries and making a difference in their chosen fields and communities.”

One of these segments features an interview and duet with Grammy award-winning pianist Terrance Williams, and concert violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins. Watch the video below to learn how education affected the lives of Williams and Hall-Tompkins, and their advice for aspiring artists.

KACV is recognizing Black History Month with their very own “Our Voices” interviews. KACV interviewed residents of Amarillo about their experiences during the Civil Rights Movement. To hear stories from Reverend W.F Roberts, who recalls living in Louisiana during the Civil Rights era., or Pearlene Martin, the first female president of the Amarillo NAACP. To view the rest of the videos and more about the program click here.

Coming to PBS next Monday (2/13) is Slavery by Another Name, produced by TPT National Productions, it is based on Douglas A. Blackmon’s award winning book that examines the concept of “neoslavery”. Here is a quick preview. For more feature content on this topic, check out the Moments and Milestones in Black History page.

As you travel throughout stationland this month you may notice other features commemorating Black History Month. Please share in the comments section below or via @SPI_PBS using #localpbs.

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