Prosper Experiment: Lightbox Encouraging Visitors to Localize to Their Favorite Station

By Kristin Calhoun, Station Products & Innovation 

One of the key goals of the Prosper initiative is to experiment with different ways we can encourage visitors to localize to their favorite PBS station.

Starting this week, we will be presenting this “Localize Your PBS Experience” lightbox to visitors:

This overlay will run for a limited time on and only appears to users once, unless cookies are reset .

This lightbox will be replacing the one that is currently on encouraging visitors to subscribe to a “Best of PBS” newsletter by entering their email address. 

We’ll also be experimenting with the “Best of PBS” newsletter lightbox over the national COVE video portal at  Here’s what that will look like:

This lightbox overlay will not appear on any station COVE video portals.

These efforts are experimental and designed to drive prospecting leads to PBS stations and lead us collectively through decisions about how can best be leveraged to the benefit of stations. As we move forward, we’ll be sharing data about each of these attempts and will work together with stations to determine which experiments are of most value to stations.

Stay tuned.  Next up for Prosper will be a summary of Prosper experiments to date (since soft launching in July, 2011) and the distribution of monies thus far collected to PBS stations.

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