The SPI FIles: Geoff Bishop, PBS

Last week, we packed our bags and headed out to the southern plains of Texas where we found Daphne Dowdy Jackson, General Manager of BasinPBS - the smallest station in the PBS system. 

This week, we are staying close to home to talk with Geoff Bishop, Director of Mobile Products at PBS, to learn more about the exciting new things that PBS is working on in the mobile landscape.

Geoff Bishop
1. Who are you and what do you do at PBS? 
My name is Geoff Bishop, and I'm the Director of Mobile Products here at PBS. I ensure our mobile product compass is always pointing in the right direction.

2. How long have you been at PBS, and what did you do before working at PBS? 
I've been working in media since 2004. Before joining PBS, I worked at AOL as a Technical Product Manager. In February of 2010 I joined PBS as a Tech Lead for the Consumer Facing Product team. I've been in my current role since June, and loving every minute of it!

3. If you didn't work in digital media, what would you be doing? 
Hmm. It would be a toss-up between a World of Warcraft gold farmer and an espresso machine modification specialist. And yes, it's an either-or.

4. Explain PBS mobile in Twitter-style, 140 characters or less.
RT "PBS mobile products solve our users' problems – wherever they are and whenever they want" /via @gabishop #mobile #pbs #140charactertweet

5. The mobile team recently released updates to the PBS mobile apps. What’s the new hotness that should have everyone rushing to update? 
Our latest app releases are chock full of awesome. Both the iPhone and iPad apps are now screaming fast thanks to countless improvement enhancements. We also have a cross-device user profile feature, which allows your preferences and viewing history to travel with you across your iOS devices. We now have push notifications that allows users to opt-in to stay connected with the latest updates.

6. What is the next big thing for Mobile? 
We have lots of exciting stuff coming up around the corner! We're hard-at-work on a Mobile Web offering that will extend our reach to a vast majority of smartphone and tablet users. Oh, and we were also super-stolked for the upcoming support for local video viewing. Our users are thirsty for more local content, and this is the first step in quenching it! (Apologies for the over-use of food metaphors. Geoff hungry.)

And – just for fun – a few quick-fire questions:

iPhone or Android? Both.
Dogs or cats? Both.
Elmo or Grover? Super Grover!
I am currently listening to… Phish.
I am currently reading… My daily feed reader
I’m currently watching… Walking Dead and Prohibition
Most overused phrase: Lets go ahead and…


  1. That's probably one of the coolest photos we've had on the SPI Files yet!

  2. Great news for stations on local content for PBS mobile apps!!!