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by Mike Smith, Station Products & Innovation

Have you ever caught yourself driving down the road with your windows open, your favorite radio station blasting tunes so sweet they could open a downtown candy shop, and wondered if everyone else appreciates how delicious your taste in music is?

With the new music-sharing experience, you can finally know the truth.

No longer will you sit and wonder if the Flock of Seagulls track you're enjoying is still hip enough to be keep an audience, (sidenote: it probably isn't), or if U2's "The Sweetest Thing" really is the sweetest thing. (formerly StickyBits) has taken a page from Andy Warhol and given everyone a chance to have their 15 minutes of digital fame through music sharing. The main concept is quite simple. It's something like a combination of the shuffle mode on your iPod and an epsiode of the X Factor (minus the usually disappointing singing dogs).

So, what is it exactly? According to a blog post on BETABEAT by Adrienne Jeffries, is a:

  • "...browser-based chatroom that streams music based on the choices of a rotating cast of DJs drawn from whoever is in the room. There are up to five DJs at any one time who create playlists; the station cycles through the playlists one song at a time, moving from one DJ’s pick to the next, as the room votes on how “lame” to “awesome” the track is... DJs get points for picking popular songs and if enough people think a song is lame, it skips to the next."

The catch is that right now, is strictly invite-only and is tied in seemingly exclusively with Facebook users. That means that unless any of your friends have been invited to take part in the product's beta-testing, you probably won't be able to have access until all the kinks have been worked through.

Although several people are speculating that this product will produce somewhat of a "productivity plague", it is already becoming evident that is going viral.

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  1. Mike - I love it! I'm actually finding I like it better than Pandora because the variety of human selection is wider than algorithm selection. I didn't have any trouble signing up by just going to the link. I was not invited, so I'm a little confused about that.

    The one trick for those who want to DJ is that you have to earn it. If there are DJs already set and they own the room, they may not pay attention to you. I have friends who go a little put off by that. Mostly i just listened while I worked! I've tried a bunch of rooms, and they were all great.