Tales of a PBS Intern: The Final Saga

by Rachel Lim, PBS Station Products & Innovation
 "The Final Saga" might be a little melodramatic. This is the last installment of a snapshot look into the life of a PBS intern.

Thursday, August 4

11:00am -- Today, the PBS interns are headed to WETA, D.C.'s PBS station. I've volunteered to drive a few of my fellow interns over to WETA's Arlington headquarters.
Rachel Lim, reporting live from NewsHour.

12:30pm -- Anika Phifer, Production Center Coordinator, gave us an amazing tour around the WETA Production Center. We explored production rooms, sound booths and the stages for both Washington Week and NewsHour

2:45pm -- After our tour, we had a Q&A session with Jacqueline Todt, Senior Director of Production & Creative Services, where we shifted from national programming like NewsHour to local programming. (And they had cookies and Oreos for us!)

Monday, August 8

9:00am -- It's the beginning of the end -- the first day of my last week at PBS! I guess that means I have to organize my desk...

11:07am -- We're getting ready to release the Mobile White Label Series for Stations, which relaunches our mobile strategy line. Every Wednesday, for the next six weeks, we will be releasing interviews with members of our Mobile Working Group -- keep an eye out!

2:03pm -- Tweeting is hard work! I'm always amazed at those Tweeters who constantly manage to put out engaging, thoughtful posts.

Tuesday, August 9

11:20am -- I'm deleting spam comments from our blog. Why does someone think it's okay to put 48 comments promoting a random product all over our blog? Does anyone else have problems with blog spam?

3:01pm -- We've updated the social media directory and added links to station's LinkedIn pages. Professional networking, here we come!

5:14pm -- Every Tuesday, I pass a farmer's market on my way to the train station. I've never bought anything before, but a free sample of pico de gallo salsa was too good to resist! 

Thursday, August 11

11:30am -- The SPI team is gathering in the Antiques Roadshow conference room for a team meeting.

Cafe Pizzaiolo
12:12pm -- Surefire way to spoil an intern: buy her lunch! We went to Cafe Pizzaiolo, where the white pizza (with ricotta and fresh tomato slices) was to die for.

4:57pm -- The interns gathered in the PBS lobby to say our goodbyes -- I can't believe it's already the end of summer! Thank you to all the wonderful people around the system who have helped make my PBS internship such a fun and enriching experience.  

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