Just Released: Mobile White Label Series for Stations

by Max Duke, Station Products & Innovation

Smartphone adoption is increasing at an enormous rate.

Social networking access is the fastest growing mobile activity.

Tablets are becoming as ubiquitous as phones.

And dogs are no longer man’s best friend.

With the possible exception of that last statement, all of the above are true regarding the mobile landscape. Year over year, Smartphone adoption has grown 55%. Social networking services have seen growing usage thanks to integration with phone features like cameras (for photo sharing) and GPS (for check-in). 54 million people are expected to have tablets by 2012.

It is easy to detail the migration of connected users to mobile platforms, and justify it as a valid way to reach an audience. What isn’t as easy though, is finding a way to approach this ever-changing and rapidly growing space that makes sense.

We are seeing more and more stations begin to experiment and define a mobile presence in a strategic way. To help aid these efforts, PBS Interactive's SPI team established a mobile strategy product line with enough resources to help make decisions easier for stations. In addition, we established a Mobile Working Group consisting of a cross-section of stations in various states of mobile development to help identify the mobile needs of stations.

Based on the MWG’s work and changes in the landscape over the last year, we have relaunched our mobile strategy line to make it more useful to stations pursuing a mobile presence.

The Mobile White Label Series for Stations is a collection of resources that addresses each level of the mobile process. They can be rebranded, repurposed and re-distributed through your station to help educate and encourage conversations about mobile. This product line is available through the Mobile Resource Center on SRC (login required). It includes:

As we continue to watch the mobile landscape for changes, we are committed to helping stations understand the space and identify opportunities. In addition to mobile strategy resources, we will also be enabling local video availability in PBS mobile apps over the next year. We will continue engaging the Mobile Working Group and reaching out to stations to understand how to best take advantage of this platform.

In the meantime, be sure to pet Fido before you leave in the morning, because even if he could text, he probably doesn’t know what BRB means.

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