FYI Corner: LinkedIn

  by Rachel Lim, PBS Station Products & Innovation

The SPI team has a social media directory that links to the Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube page and Flickr page of every station. We've recently updated this directory, and the new and improved version has now officially gone live, If you can, take the time to browse and check out the social media efforts of your fellow stations! Additionally, since the updates were found using the miraculous technology called Google Search, please let us know if we missed something or if you have an update to suggest.

If you've taken a moment to browse, you might have noticed another change in the social directory: it now includes links to station LinkedIn pages.

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a social networking site dedicated to professional networking that has become a key component of many professionals' online presence. LinkedIn allows you to describe your past experiences and current employment, as well as make "connections" with other professionals you may know. Recently, LinkedIn made news for debuting an embedded job application plug-in that enables members to apply to jobs with a single click.

While many of you may utilize -- and update -- your personal LinkedIn profiles, you may not be as familiar with your station's company profile.

LinkedIn launched company profiles in 2008: anyone with a company-specific email address and a current position at the company can create or edit the profile. These profile pages list everyone on LinkedIn who has indicated that they work at your station; they might also include information such as the size, founding date and website of your station. Additionally, your station may have information on its page that has been automatically added: LinkedIn pulls also information from such as company news from Yahoo! and Capital IQ. 

This information might be useful to those of you looking to craft your station's online presence. As a major social networking site with a high SEO, your station LinkedIn page may be highly ranked in search engine searches, much like your station's Facebook or Twitter may appear in a Google search.

In order to edit your station's LinkedIn page, you'll need to give LinkedIn your station-specific email address to be granted admin access. If LinkedIn has not already filled it in for you, we recommend putting in a company description and a link to your station's website and social media pages.

Have you -- or your station -- experimented with LinkedIn? Do you find it a useful tool in professional networking? Let us know in the comments below!

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