The Weekly SPI Debrief - July 22, 2011

by Mike Smith, Station Products & Innovation

Welcome to the Weekly PBS Interactive Station Products & Innovation Debrief, designed to give PBS stations a rundown of product updates and opportunities announced this week on our blog.

Want to help us connect with you better and have a chance at some cool PBS swag at the same time? Then take our brief (5-10mins) SPI Communication Survey! Your responses will help inform our exchanges with you and promote innovation across the system. We strive to keep open, direct lines of communication and provide you and your station with valuable information and resources, and your input is greatly appreciated!

This week, we take a look at how Tumblr is beating out competitors such as Wordpress for domination in the micro-blogging arena. If you're looking to dive into the Tumblr world, check out our blog for three tips to help you get acquainted and decide if Tumblr is right for your station.

We also received part two of a story from PBS KIDS GO! guru Tricia George. In this edition, Tricia talked about user-generated content and tools like the User Submission Management Interface (USMI) that PBS KIDS Interactive has to help stations manage this content.

Also this week, Junior Field Agent Rachel Lim met with Lauren Saks of PBS Arts Online to see what life is like in her shoes. Check out her blog post to see how Lauren explains PBS Arts in "Twitter-style, 140 characters or less." If you know someone whose profile you’d like to see, let us know and we might feature them in a future post.

Don't Get Left Behind: Project Merlin is now humming with more than 90 stations promoting local content and initiatives to their audience on Are you one of them? Send an email to and let us know if you want in.

Reminder: the Localized Traffic Report for June is available. This monthly localization report provides metrics for traffic associated with your individual station. Visit the SRC to view traffic statistics.

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As always, the SPI team appreciates all of your valuable comments and participation on our site this week and every week.

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