Tales of a PBS Intern, Part 2

by Rachel Lim, PBS Station Products & Innovation

This is the snapshot look inside the life of an SPI intern. Follow my day-to-day activities as I jump headfirst into the world of public media.


10:11am -- I'm updating the Station Social Media Directory to include stations' Blogger, Wordpress, LinkedIn and Tumblr sites. If your station has experimented with any of these social media sites, let me know! We'd love to hear about the process.
Grilled Mahi Tacos!

12:15pm -- My cousins are in town visiting, and I'm meeting them for lunch at Union Station in Washington D.C. Mmmm, grilled mahi tacos! Taste bud heaven.

3:15pm -- I'm heading over to a conference room (aptly named Antiques Roadshow) for a monthly Stations Advisory Council meeting. Last month's meeting was so informative in providing a hands-on stations perspective, which really complements the national point of view I receive here in Crystal City.


9:42am -- I'm assembling a list of sources to follow in order to come up with more relevant Tweets for stations. Mashable and iMA, for example, are very helpful in keeping up with the digital landscape. Do you have any suggestions for me to add to the list? What topics would you like to see us Tweet more about?

Urban Thai
1:12pm -- I just had Thai food for lunch with Max Duke -- we chatted about professional development, career paths and and life after college. Max Fun Fact #1: He was a cheerleader in high school! (And there are Facebook pictures to prove it!)

2:37pm -- Stereotypical Intern Moment of the Day: I just made coffee in the office kitchen. Somehow it's more fun to do here than it is at home.


11:34am -- The SPIs have biweekly stand-up meetings that are supposed to last less than fifteen minutes. Without Max, Thomas and Mike, it's an all-girls party.

Rain, rain, go away...
2:12pm -- I'm planning out topics for blog posts for the next few weeks. My latest post is on social media and online giving. Do you have a topic that you would like me to research and report on? Let me know in the comments!

4:10pm -- It's POURING rain! Thunder shakes the heavens, lightning forks across the sky -- and the Interactive floor gives a collective giggle after every thunderclap. There's a flash flood warning in effect. I hope my train isn't delayed.

5:30pm -- Yup. It's delayed.


9:06am -- After a harrowing commute home last night (I braved cranky commuters, a crying baby and the wondrous machine that is D.C.'s public transportation), I feel like a survivor.

1:52pm -- Every Thursday afternoon, the interns get to attend a presentation about some aspect of PBS -- past topics have included Social Media Policy and PBS Kids Go!. Today's presentation was given by Linda Simensky, the Senior Director of Children's Programming. Want to create your own children's program? According to Linda, the keys to success are talking dogs, talking monkeys, toilets or underwear.  #wordstoliveby

3:05pm -- It's great to see the ways stations are diversifying their social media presence. Check out, for example, KQED and WITF's LinkedIn pages. Does your station have a LinkedIn page? Let's get connected!

S'more Kit!

4:15pm -- Reason Why I Love My Internship #3: Stuck in your office? Itching to be in the great outdoors? If you're in interactive land, that's no problem. The amazing Jayme Swain, Senior Director of Strategic Growth, brought in s'mores! Just microwave for eight seconds, and voila! Instant happiness.

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