PBS KIDS Resources for PBS Member Station Web sites, pt. 2 The User Submission Management Interface

Written by Tricia George, Production Associate, PBS KIDS GO!

Last week PBS KIDS Interactive shared the awesome possibilities surrounding the PBS KIDS Station Video Players. Both the customizable and national players offer promotional tie-ins to broadcast and a range of options for engaging your local KIDS & Families audience. This week, we’re going to get personal with user-generated content and a login.

When protecting an audience is your primary goal, collecting information for a personalized experience can be daunting. PBS KIDS Interactive has just the tools:

The User Submission Management Interface :: BETA
(above link requires Station Remote Control login)

PBS KIDS Interactive recognized the unique ability of interactive applications to allow conversations between producers and their audiences, and so developed the User Submission Management Interface (USMI) for stations. USMI is a simple way to manage user-generated content in bulk. Collecting, moderating and publishing UGC from your audience has never been so easy! With an Amazon-hosted, PBS-maintained USMI application your local website can become a dynamic hub of user-contributed ideas, information, creations and needs.

USMI can be customized in a variety of ways:
• Create custom submission forms, including custom fields and branding (with CSS &/or JS)
• Allow your audience to submit based on topics of your choice
• Publish approved contributions en masse, or query the database for specific kinds of submissions

Two examples of national producers utilizing USMI are Design Squad ...

Design Squad

and It’s My Life. Click through to take a look at each site’s implementation. You can see they’re very different, but allow for a dynamic and user-driven experience.

It's My Life

Call Out for Beta Testers!
USMI for stations is currently in BETA. If your station is interested in being part of the BETA testing for USMI, please contact Cosimo Felline at We’re open to hearing feedback, questions and feature requests!

PBS KIDS Interactive Login
(above link requires Station Remote Control login)

If you visited the USMI example sites, odds are you were prompted to log in. Creating a personal experience for kids on the web is just as important as making it fun, simple and safe. The PBS KIDS GO! Login is COPPA compliant and allows you to do just that. With a few simple PHP scripts, you can tap into the power of personalization by accessing your KIDS audience’s favorite shows, creations and characters. PBS KIDS Interactive takes care of moderating usernames, maintenance and new features!

The companion site for the popular broadcast show Wild Kratts uses the login so kids can save their creature power suits and avatars.

WQED in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania uses the login so kids can save animals to their virtual zoos!

Believe it or not, there's more! Stay tuned for next installation, filled with localizable modules and graphic assets.

Want to learn more? Register for the upcoming webinar “Resources for Relevance”, a broad look at the PBS KIDS Interactive resources available on

If you have questions, want more examples of these tools or would like to be featured as an example, please leave a comment below or contact Tricia George at .

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