PBS KIDS Resources for PBS Member Station Web sites, pt. 1

Written by Tricia George, Production Associate, PBS KIDS GO!

If you were lucky enough to attend PBS Annual Meeting, you may have heard the PBS KIDS Interactive VP Sara DeWitt talk about why PBS KIDS content is great for your station:
  • Traffic and ratings are mutually supportive
  • Interactive content helps drive educational impact and attract funders
  • Interactive platforms help fill curriculum gaps and innovate

You may have even heard Abby Jenkins and a team of stations talk about how to engage local kids and families online:
  • Meet kids and families on mobile devices wherever they’re spending time together
  • Partner with local organizations to become a part of every day life
  • Fully utilize skills of people in the system by collaborating with other PBS stations

But have you heard about the suite of tools available from PBS KIDS Interactive to make local engagement of kids and families a reality?

From backend content moderation tools and copy/paste video players to promotional graphics and locally produced games, our dynamic offerings are always evolving to meet your needs. Over the next several blog posts, we’ll be talking up what tools are available, where they can be found and when they’re appropriate for your site. For today, learn how to:
  • Build a custom video player with no previous knowledge of video specs or coding

Interested in learning more? Register for “Resources for Relevance”, a broad look at the PBS KIDS Interactive resources available on

The Customizable Station Video Player provides a unique video experience for your website and local community. Tailor the video player to show your community’s favorite PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! series by featuring clips, full episodes and in-video games. Brand the player with your station colors, for a fully local experience!

Fun features:
  • Customize color scheme, control rack and branding
  • Choose from short video clips, full episodes or both
  • Choose specific shows, kid-friendly themes or both
  • Add interactive videos (in-video gaming)

The Customizable Station Video Player is easy to build. Knowledge of video specs and coding is not necessary! Building a Customizable Station Video Player takes only a few steps, and you can view your results in a matter of minutes! All you have to do is make your stations’ desired selections from a template builder.
  1. Select the type of content for your player (i.e. brand, shows, kid-friendly themes, full episodes)
  2. Customize the look of your player (i.e. sizing, color, thumbnails)
  3. Hit “Build Player”
  4. Copy and paste the automated code into your website code

TPT in Saint Paul, Minnesota customized their player to only feature full episodes of shows. TPT showcases full episodes of Arthur, along with other PBS KIDS GO! properties:

WQED in Pittsburgh personalized their iQZoo Video Player by filtering specific PBS KIDS GO! video clips to each animal. By hiding the release list, they were able to create a personalized page for each species. They also built the module to match the designs of their site:


National PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! Video Modules

The National video module services are available to feature the PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! video content on local station websites. This syndicated approach permits PBS to manage the service while allowing easy implementation on your site. The National PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! video players have proven to be very popular among children and parents—we continue to see over 100 million video streams per month! PBS is excited to share the popularity of our National video players on your station sites. The video content will be curated and refreshed by PBS KIDS, and will be reflected on the modules.

The PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! video players are a companion service to PBS KIDS programming. The players:
  • Stream a weekly theme-based playlist that showcases a series of clips compiled from different PBS KIDS & PBS KIDS GO! properties. These videos reinforce broadcast programming stunts, new episodes, or series debuts.
  • Provide a video‐on‐demand menu for parents or teachers to browse content by property, topic, or interactive videos for both clips and full episodes
  • Share a specific video (by email or direct link) from your station’s PBS KIDS or PBS KIDS GO! video module

NJTV in New Jersey created a space for kids to watch PBS preschool content by implementing the National PBS KIDS video module. The PBS KIDS module has a special Browse feature that allows parents to browse videos by show, topic, current playlist, and interactive Play-Along videos:

WGTE in Toledo, Ohio implemented the National PBS KIDS GO! video module on their site. The station module mirrors the National GO! video player, featuring special stunts and playlists like the Summer Reading Challenge. The GO! video module also allows station to brand the player with the station logo:

Join us next week for part 2: The User Submission Management Interface.

If you have questions, want more examples of these tools or would like to be featured as an example, please leave a comment below.

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