Welcome, WUCFTV!

by Rachel Lim, PBS Station Products & Innovation

We are so excited to welcome WUCF-TV to the PBS fold. As a partnership between the University of Central Florida and Brevard Community College, WUCF will be serving Central Florida as its primary PBS channel, and will hit the airwaves on July 1st. Want to show some love to the newest addition to the PBS family? We have a few suggestions for you!

  • Follow them on Twitter @WUCFTV – and maybe tweet them a welcome! Don’t forget to use the #localpbs hashtag.
  • “Like” them on Facebook. Rack up the love – or the “like” – by finding WUCF on Facebook.
  • Blog the news! For those stations with a news or announcements blog, consider calling attention to the opening of our newest PBS station. Include a link to their site that uses the keywords, PBS and Orlando to help boost their search engine rankings, and allow interested readers to check them out on their own. For example: Check out WUCF, the newest PBS station serving Orlando and Central Florida!
Do you have any other ideas to help bring WUCF into the PBS fold? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. max, the link to their site is broken...or their site is down.