The Weekly SPI Debrief, June 17, 2011

by Mike Smith, SPI Intern

Welcome to the Weekly PBS Interactive Station Products & Innovation Debrief, designed to give PBS stations a rundown of product updates and opportunities announced this week on our blog.

PBS has been increasing its Facebook audience while experimenting with ways to increase users, support on-air programming, and promote local content and events. With over 85% of PBS member stations using Facebook, this is a huge opportunity to make history. This week, in the spirit of social media, we hope that your station can help us cross the million-fan-mark. Check out the post to learn how we can work together to grow our collective Facebook audience.

We also checked out the many ways that video-conferencing can be a valuable asset to stations, whether you find yourselves with exorbitant travel expenses or not. Does your station use it? Are you interested in learning more about it? Check out our poll and cast your vote, or leave us a comment and tell us what kinds of things your station is doing to conserve its valuable resources.

As always, the SPI team appreciates all of your valuable comments and participation on our site this week and every week.

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