Tales of a PBS Intern, Part 1

by Rachel Lim, PBS Station Products & Innovation

This is the snapshot look inside the life of an SPI intern. Follow my day-to-day activities as I jump headfirst into the world of public media.

8:00am – I came in an hour early today because I have to leave an hour early. Looks like everyone gets a late start after the weekend – the second floor, a.k.a. Interactive Land, is deserted.

8:37am – It’s lonely in here!  I have a desk in front of a window, but today it is unfortunately cold and rainy.
I love my desk by the window.

11:52am – I’m working with Max Duke and Marla Krueger to update the Mobile Resource Center within Station Remote Control. We’re compiling station stories and experiences with mobile as a supplement to the numerical data about the mobile landscape. I just got off the phone with the very articulate Libby Peterek from KLRU. Sneak peek of the words of wisdom I’m collecting: “Probably the craziest thing about mobile is that everyone thinks it’s really hard – but it’s really not. Going mobile is not about making your entire site mobile. It’s about making just the elements that people want mobile.”

1:09pm – I opened the blinds to see the sun peeking down on me. It is officially sunny!

2:24pm – Reasons Why I Love My Internship #1: I get to tweet at work! #bestjobever

3:46pm – It’s a ten minute walk to the Virginia Railroad Express station, where I’m catching a southbound train at 3:57pm. Ta-ta for now!

9:22am – Reasons Why I Love My Internship #2: Free coffee! Look elsewhere for the internship horror story of coffee-fetching.

11:27am – There's a Social Media Policy Seminar today for all the interns. Hopefully I won't learn that I've been making a #majorfail every time I've tweeted...

12:32pm – Really informative seminar that touched upon the ways that social media policy has evolved over the years, and the ambiguous legal status of social media in terms of defamation and libel law. For more information, check out Social Media Best Practices within Station Remote Control.

3:09pm – I was supposed to attend the Merlin Training Session Webinar at 3pm, but my computer unfortunately doesn't have JAVA installed and won't open GoToMeeting! Is this a #majorfail? If you're like me and missed the webinar, there's still time to sign up for the third session on tomorrow! Check out this earlier post for more information about signing up for Merlin access.

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  1. I'm just not that much of a coffee fan, but a mountain dew every once in a while... :)

  2. Us product guys are usually in the office by 8am, running our morning meetings with the Developers -- Stop by and say hi!