PBS: Making Facebook History

By Amy Baroch, Station Products & Innovation

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes I wonder how I could have ever lived without it, other times, I wonder why I spend so much time interacting with “friends” I haven’t seen since middle school or playing Bingo.

One thing is for sure, Facebook is an invaluable resource for social media communication, business marketing, and getting information about what’s happening in the world around you, whether it’s calling attention to human rights injustice in the Middle East or who the next host of SNL should be.

PBS has been increasing its Facebook audience and experimenting with ways to increase users, support on-air programming, and promote local content and events. With consistent promotion within the organization and to the PBS audience, best practices provided for member stations, and an actively growing fan base, PBS is on the cusp of a major milestone: reaching 1,000,000 fans. That’s one million with 6 zeros! With over 85% of PBS member stations using Facebook, too, the organization has huge opportunity to make history in the next few weeks.

Along with the prestige of reaching this milestone comes the great responsibility to continue innovating. Our goal is to continue to expand all cross-promotion of content on social media sites between PBS, stations, and programs. We are determined to continue reaching new audiences and serving the national and local community. In the spirit of social media, it’s a collective effort and we hope that PBS member stations and other public media outlets can help us reach this goal.

Let us know what you are doing at your station and in your communities – we are happy to promote it. And encourage your audience to “like” the PBS Facebook page when they visit yours – we’ll do the same for your pages so we can continue to grow our collective audiences.

Here is a sample post you can place on your station's Facebook page to help us:

Example: Do you "like" the PBS Facebook page? (station) does! Check out the PBS page for even more info, extras, and information about your favorite programs and events. Visit and like PBS here: Thank you!

How many fans do you have at your station? Let us know in the comments below or contact us anytime!

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  1. Wisconsin Public Television is currently sitting at 2,133 "likes" - not including the Facebook pages we have for individual programs.