From On Air to Online: The PBS NewsHour Offers Livestream to Stations

By Lauren Knapp, PBS NewsHour

We are seeing it more and more: broadcasters are meeting the needs of their audiences by meeting them where they are - and where they are is often online. Now, with this in mind, every weeknight PBS NewsHour viewers will be able to watch the broadcast live on UStream from 6pm to 7pm EST. But rather than pull viewers away from their local stations, The NewsHour wants to use this livestream as an opportunity to drive that audience to station websites through a special link off the NewsHour’s homepage. Online users who watch the PBS NewsHour aren't just bouncing in and out for a particular story, they're settling in - sometimes for a 10 minute segment, sometimes for the hour.

This is a great opportunity for stations to showcase the best of what they have to offer, increase engagement with projects they already have underway and potentially convert this new audience into members of their station and community.

In addition to streaming the PBS NewsHour nightly broadcast. Stations will also be able to point viewers to streaming of live news events. From ongoing stories such as last spring’s BP oil spill to presidential addresses to events like the Royal Wedding, livestreaming has allowed the PBS NewsHour to enhance their reporting and meet people wherever they consume the news.

The PBS NewsHour is offering local stations a livestream of the nightly broadcast and other news events that they can easily embed on their sites. You can get a rundown of the five steps to embedding this livestream and how it could benefit your station in a special webinar with Hari Sreenivasan and others on Thursday, June 30, at 2pm EST.

The PBS NewsHour looks forward to working with stations to bring coverage of major news events to the audience wherever they are.

Can't attend the webinar? Don't worry, we'll archive it - but in the meantime, if you have any comments, leave them for us below.


  1. KCPT has been offering the PBS NesHour live online stream for just over a month now, providing a valuable addition to our content and another reason for viewers to visit We're promoting this service using Google AdWords and by featuring a link to the live stream prominently on our site and hoping to see our page views increase.

    Implementing the live stream was extremely quick and simple. We've also used the online stream for special news events, like the President's speech on Libya. Our future plans for the KCPT site include developing a news section that would present the NewsHour's live stream as well as headlines and other PBS news program modules alongside our local weekly public affairs content, providing viewers with a destination for local and national news content.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's discussion!

  2. We placed it on our site, but whenever I try to watch it from 6-7, it says "off air." Any ideas?

  3. If anyone is having problems - please contact Lauren Knapp at the NewsHour. she can help you get all set up. Her email is available on the lower right rail of this page: