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If you're getting ready to head to Orlando for next week's PBS Annual Meeting, we hope you'll join us at the sessions being produced by PBS Interactive! If you're not able to attend this year, there are still ways to follow along from home. We'll be posting summaries of the Interactive session right here on the SPI Blog. There will also be summaries of most other sessions at the meeting posted in the PBS Connect Conferences Blog (Login required. Look under Attend | Learn >> Conferences Blog). You can also follow the PBS Annual Meeting on Twitter @PBSAnnualMeeting, and, of course the SPI account @SPI_PBS.

Oh, and if you are attending Annual Meeting, keep an eye out for Kristin and me (Sara Terpeny). We want to say, "Hi," and have a top-secret SPI mission to share with you….

PBS Interactive Sessions:

Digital Media Strategy: Part 1
Tuesday, May 17th, 2:30pm Crystal A/B

This is the first session of PBS Interactive’s two-part series on digital media strategy. Using case studies, we will lay the foundation on how to craft a digital strategy by answering the fundamental questions: Why is a digital plan key to your future survival? What three questions are essential to answer before designing your strategy? What can you learn from analytics and research? Participants will leave with a framework on which to begin building local strategies.
Thomas Broadus, Web Administrator, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Shane Guiter, Director of Development, KLRU/Austin
Hugh Moore, Manager, Interactive Media, WPBT2/Miami

Engaging Local Families: Digital Strategies for Any Station
Tuesday, May 17th, 4:15pm New York/New Orleans

Find out how to grow your online audience through engaging local families. Stations that have been awarded grants to create locally relevant, interactive content for kids and families will share their own projects and strategies for engaging their communities using mobile, video, and games.
Abby Jenkins, Online Community Manager, PBS KIDS Interactive
Jennifer MacArthur, Director of Television and Digital Media Engagement, NCME
Trisha Moynihan, Director of Internet Services, WFSU/Tallahassee
Jennifer Stancil, Executive Director of Educational Partnerships, WQED/Pittsburgh
Scott Witzke, Director of Promotions and Marketing, WTIU/Bloomington

Digital Media Strategy: Part 2
Wednesday, May 18th, 11:30am New York/New Orleans

In this second session of PBS Interactive’s series on digital media strategy, learn how to bring your digital strategy to life and measure results. Leave with tools and techniques to apply to your station’s strategy. Attendees who were not present for Part 1 on Tuesday are welcome.
Mike Bauhof, Director of Digital Engagement, Nine Network of Public Media, KETC/St. Louis
Shane Guiter, Director of Development, KLRU/Austin
Phil Meyer, Station Manager, WTIU/Bloomington
Alexis Fife Rapo, Vice President, Broadband and Interactive Media, WGBH/Boston

General Session: Innovation Hotspot
Wednesday, May 18th, 2:35pm Crystal Ballroom

Explore the instant connection found when engaging your audience with smart products that make our lives better. Come hear two PBS innovators who have a knack for making stuff. David Pogue, host of NOVA’s “Making Stuff” specials; and Jason Seiken, senior vice president, PBS Interactive, Product Development & Innovation, will host this fascinating session that will inspire, inform, and entertain.
David Pogue, Host, NOVA’s “Making Stuff”
Jason Seiken, Senior Vice President, PBS Interactive, Product Development & Innovation

PROSPER: PBS Online Prospecting Tool for Stations
Wednesday, May 18th, 4:10pm Crystal M/N

Throughout the past year, PBS has been building the infrastructure needed to leverage the millions of visitors to and PBS mobile applications for the financial benefit of member stations. Now that the ground work has been laid and feedback from PBS stations has been integrated into the effort, come hear details about the project’s key areas of focus and how they present opportunities for your station to convert a visitor to a national online PBS platform into a contributor to your local station.
Jason Seiken, Senior Vice President, PBS Interactive, Product Development & Innovation

Finally, a note about our Digital Media Strategy Series:

PBS Interactive believes that some of the most important services we can provide to PBS stations are tactics and take-away tools for building your own digital media strategy. A strategy that’s measurable and custom built for the unique needs of your community and station. To that end, at this year’s PBS Annual Meeting we are launching a series of professional development opportunities that will give you the building blocks needed to learn and be successful. The audience for this series is *everyone* at a station who is responsible for outreach, increasing membership, your web presence and communications (so, everyone).

Annual Meeting is just the beginning. We're already planning a 3rd session we'll present via webinar in June around how to get the buy in needed from your team and leadership to move forward that will feature Jack Galmiche, the CEO of the Nine Network of Public Media in St. Louis, MO, and we're aiming to hold quarterly sessions moving forward. Stay tuned to the SPI Blog and follow @SPI_PBS for dates and details. Materials from all these sessions will be posted in the new Station Best Practices Wiki at

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