Work Begins on COVE 3D Holographic Projection Support

We are excited to announce that work has begun to offer support for holographic projection of video content added to COVE, which allows users to view their favorite PBS programs (national and local) in three dimensional space in near life-like quality (known as Super HD).

While this sounds like a ground-breaking feature for COVE, it is actually just the logical next step for a quality online video experience, and really only requires “flipping a couple of switches and connecting a few dots, maybe a couple of weeks.”

In order to help the system fully take advantage of this new feature though, we will be making some adjustments to publishing and adding a few fields to the Admin. These particular upgrades will take “a number of months.”

Look for this new feature to launch exactly one year from today, on April 1, 2012.

See you in the future!


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