The Weekly SPI Debrief

Happy Friday! Welcome to the Weekly PBS Interactive Station Products & Innovation Debrief, designed to give PBS stations a rundown of product updates and opportunities announced this week on our blog. 

This week we heard from WHYY's Richard Baniewiczon on his recent explorations and tips for using the liveblogging tool, CoveritLive.  East Tennessee PBS's Katherine Killen also offers up some advice for stations embarking on future web redesigns.  For all of you following PBS Interactive's SEO guru, Melanie Phung, she rounded out the five part series "Linkbuilding Tactics for PBS Stations" this week with parts 4 and 5.

Today's posts also broke some exciting news about the latest PBS Interactive products offerings for stations.  Continue reading to learn more about the plans for COVE 3D and Project ACRONYM. 

As always, the SPI team appreciates all of your valuable comments and participation on our site this week and every week.  

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