Presented by Incubation Lab: Wordpress vs. Drupal

The Presented by Incubation Lab series shines the spotlight on Content Management Systems by enlisting two station proponents to look at their favorite options: Drupal and Wordpress. If you have any thoughts about either CMS, or have a favorite of you own, add a comment below.

DRUPAL - Julianne Lamsek, KCTS 9
The Technology Director at KCTS 9 in Seattle for 5+ years, Julianne Lamsek manages the station’s Interactive and IT departments. She serves on the PBS Interactive Station Advisory Council and as board chair of a local grocery co-op, PCC Natural Markets.

How do you use Drupal on your site?
Drupal is the CMS that powers KCTS 9’s website, We began using Drupal in 2008, and are currently on Drupal 6.

Why is Drupal the solution for you?
The prior CMS we used for was proprietary, difficult to manage and challenging to support. Since we implemented Drupal, we’ve benefited from the large number of contributed modules, the ease of scalability and the support provided by the Drupal community.

The most useful feature you found so far?
The Content Construction Kit (CCK) module allows us to easily and quickly build feature rich pages from a point-and-click interface. Additionally, the Drupal community has been a helpful resource as we develop and support our site.

Other thoughts: Drupal is not necessarily intuitive to those who are new to it. If a station is considering transitioning to Drupal they should plan to invest in Drupal training for their staff so they can learn the framework. This is especially important for web developers if they are not already versed in Drupal.
The Station Manager at WTIU in Bloomington, Indiana, Phil Meyer is currently the chair of the PBS Interactive Station Advisory Committee, and has also served on PBS Advisory Groups for Communications, Development, PBS Connect and PBS Express. Before WTIU, he worked at WCET in Cincinnati for nine years and at WGBH Boston while in college.

How do you use Wordpress on your site?
For about three years, we have been building the WordPress infrastructure for

Why is Wordpress the solution for you?
We are a joint licensee in a small market with news, regular series and robust local production pipeline, so we needed a solution that was easy for almost everyone -- producers, reporters, marketers (and even station managers) -- to be able to enter content, while still keeping the structure and navigation consistent.

The most useful feature you found so far?
If I can post content through WordPress, it's got to be easy to use. We have also started developing our own plug-ins and are always looking for third-party solutions that have been developed by the WordPress user community.

Other thoughts: The biggest drawback so far has been a server issue. When we see a spike in traffic, our current server has trouble handling both the requests from us to post content, and the requests from users to access the content at the same time. We are hoping that separating the database onto two servers (one for us, one for users) will resolve this issue.

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