New Incubator: Dive into the COVE API

Calling all station developers and designers!

If you or someone at your station has a penchant for API development, you can dive in and start cooking up your video experiences using the COVE API!

PBS Interactive is opening the COVE API to "friends and family" to participate in collaborative Incubator build sessions. These sessions will give you access to the API and a group of fellow station developers to help in the build process. The Incubator isn't only for hardcore developers; we also need front-end designers, idea people and even folks with a talent for documentation. Upon completion of the Incubator session, which will be a few weeks long and take place in the open.PBS space, your station will have access to the API for whatever project you are working on.

If you would like to gain access to the COVE API, the process is simple: drop a comment below or send an email to with your name, station and video portal URL. We will contact you to get you started.

The Incubator is a collaborative product-building initiative created as part of the Incubation Lab. By aggregating your feedback, Station Products & Innovation brings station professionals together to help solve some of your most difficult product challenges in quick, managed build sessions.


  1. We are definitely excited about this and you can count us in (KCTS 9 Seattle). API hooks into COVE would really help us deliver an awesome experience to our users.

  2. Just wanted to give a shout out to Iowa, Austin, San Diego and Wisconsin, got your emails to participate!

    Still looking for more!

  3. WGBH, and the World Channel in particular, would like to participate as well. We'd love to build a widget featuring World Channel video available from PBS.