National Online Prospecting Project: New Status Update

The National Online Prospecting Project -formerly known as the Online Fundraising Initiative - has been established to prospect untapped, online audiences for the purposes of identifying, engaging, and cultivating new qualified donors to give to member stations. Through various testing and counsel from our advisory groups, the project will finally enable PBS Interactive to harness the power of PBS’s national web/mobile presence to identify new prospects that we can ultimately influence for their support of PBS and member stations. Many thanks to our advisory groups, who have given us valuable, ongoing feedback for this project.

To promote communication and further discussion,  we have launched the National Online Prospecting Project Resource Center on Station Remote Control,  which includes comprehensive documentation detailing the project and key milestones.  The goal of the Resource Center and webinars is to answer your questions, provide additional detail and gather suggestions that you have.

*The National Online Prospecting Project webinars scheduled during the week of March 21 have been temporarily postponed due to lack of registrants.

Be sure to look for the new dates here and in your SPI Weekly Updates.   

If you have specific questions or topics you would like us to cover during the webinars, please send them to

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