Linkbuilding Tactics for PBS Stations – Part 3: Promote Embeddable Videos

Written by Melanie Phung, New Media Director, PBS Interactive

In yesterday's linkbuilding post, we discussed why it's so important to utilize the Related Links feature in your COVE portal.

One of the other fantastic features of COVE is that COVE videos can be shared by users around the web. When users grab the player embed code of your locally produced videos to share on their own sites, part of that code includes links back to the video and to your program site.

When you encourage your viewers to share the video, therefore, you are not only helping to build up your total video views, but you're also helping new audiences discover other content on your site, reinforcing your brand, keeping users engaged, encouraging them keep coming back, etc.

High-quality video is the kind of asset that's in demand even by top-tier websites, but many people won't think to look to for embeddable video. That's why it's important to encourage sharing explicitly. (Many sites go to YouTube and find pirated copies of your content, which don't help your video views or get viewers back to channels that you control. Most of those sites would be just as happy to use a COVE asset, if only they were told about it.)

PBS stations and producers have had good success getting the COVE viral player (as well as links back to their sites) placed on high-authority sites such as those of local government entities, popular TV critics columns, official sites of major performing artists, etc. Those are the kinds of links that will help your SEO, and the effort to get those kinds of strong editorial links is minimal when you can offer them content they want!

How to do it:
  • First, make sure embed/sharing capabilities are enabled in COVE.
  • In the COVE admin, fill out the Content Producer Website field with the full destination URL (don’t use a vanity URL) and the Episode URL field.

  • Tell site visitors/fans about the embed feature.
  • Ask featured guests to include video on their own sites
  • Include specific mention of the embed feature in pitches to journalists and bloggers
  • Do these things regularly and in the normal course of promoting video views.

Figure 1: Examples of great video embed placements:

Our next posts about how high-ROI linkbuilding tactics for stations will discuss the value of recouping the value of dead links and leveraging brand mentions.

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