Linkbuilding Tactics for PBS Stations – Part 2: COVE Related Links

Written by Melanie Phung, New Media Director, PBS Interactive

Keyword-rich links that point to your pages will help those target pages rank better in search. As we mentioned before, the easiest opportunity to get more links to your pages is to build internal links from your own site.

In part 2 of our linkbuilding series, we show you how COVE gives you several more opportunities to create those links yourself.

Make Full Use of Related Links in your COVE Player

If you're not including "Related Links" to each episode you're adding to COVE, you're missing an important opportunity to create relevant links and help users find more content on your site.

Not only do Related Links back to your station site help SEO, but heatmaps of where users click on the page show that visitors do rely heavily on these links to explore more content (thus, they drive more traffic back to your site).

In the National COVE example below, notice how visitors see and use the links to other pages on the series’ program site.

In the rare case that there is absolutely nothing on your site that's related to your local video clip or episode (which shouldn't ever be the case), you can still add other useful links like "check local schedule", a link to your newsletter, etc. When you add "Related Links", the system also automatically adds a link back to your program homepage and the episode homepage (if you've entered this info in the COVE admin).

In the example below, the "check local listings" link added by the producer allows visitors to easily get tune-in information related to the clip. Note that tune-in links aren't great for SEO, but they are a good option if there isn't other related content you can point to. There is always something you can link to that will provide value to users and/or generate SEO value for your site.

Yes, adding related content is an extra step in the publishing process, but it's a lot less work than trying to get an equally valuable link from external sources, and if you don't do it, you're leaving easy traffic on the table.

How to do it:
1. Access the COVE Resource Center for documentation on how to add related links.
2. Use keyword-relevant text in the "title" field.
3. Use the description field to provide a compelling reason to click on the link.

To add links to your homage and episode homepage make sure you fill out the following fields in the metadata form when submitting a new asset.
• Content Producer Website
• Episode URL

If you have questions about COVE, please contact the SPI Team. And check back tomorrow for another easy tip for leveraging your COVE videos for linkbuilding.

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